January 11th, 2005

i'm ready for my close up mr demille

SHE started this

atthestarz says: gosh, it's late. I was going to get to sleep earlier tonight.
atthestarz says: oops
soopageek says: yeah that had been my plan too
soopageek says: you seem to have the ability to keep me up late 
atthestarz says:um
atthestarz says: mind. gutter. now.
soopageek says: i'm getting this feeling i won't get much sleep this weekend
atthestarz says: yay!
atthestarz says: sleepover party!
atthestarz says: with...um...what are you 34?
soopageek says: yeah... 35 in three weeks
atthestarz says: a sleepover party with a 34/5 year old and a 25 year old.
atthestarz says: THAT sounds innocent!!!
soopageek says: you better not keep me up past my bedtime young lady
atthestarz says: that sounds like a challenge
soopageek says: i AM a challenge... 
atthestarz says: haha....we might have to do things differently than most coed sleepovers. I can't imagine how thrilling it would be to play spin the bottle or 7 minutes in heaven with just the two of us.
atthestarz says: maybe you can let me do your hair?
atthestarz says: or paint your nails?
soopageek says: what hair?
atthestarz says: I'll draw some?
soopageek says: hahaha
soopageek says: and for that matter, what nails?
atthestarz says: papier mache?
soopageek says: maybe we should cross dress
atthestarz says: sweet
atthestarz says: what do I get to wear?
soopageek says: a jacket and tie... colored socks and slacks... loafers
atthestarz says: you mean...you're really gonna make me look like a dude?
soopageek says: hrm... or maybe blue jeans and a flannel shirt with a baseball cap and work boots
atthestarz says: omg you want to make me into a lesbian
soopageek says: making you into a lesbian would be the FURTHEST thing from my mind
soopageek says: that would kinda be counter-productive

SoopaMusicGeek Meme, Vol 2, Round 2

janietrain flexed the muscle of her 1980's pop music mind in Round One.  Quite frankly, Janie, your mind scares me a little.  There are still lots of unanswered lyrics for Round Two, so have a blast.  Current lyrics have been moved to the top and the answers to the last round are at the bottom.  If you like, you may now also return to the last round's entry and see all of the comments, as they have been unscreened.

janietrain = 33
ruxxell = 10
Boz = 6
clockwork_pixie = 4
kristinkay = 2
tpbrcombo = 2
huskerdude1 = 1
yourtourniquet = 1

Remember: you get more points for including the Artist AND Song title.  And googling = cheating.  Go!

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Edit To Add: The comments are screened again, but I have to share this bit of love from huskerdude1:

"I'll figure out more later. I'll be fucked if I end up under tpbrcombo again."