January 24th, 2005

i'm ready for my close up mr demille

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Location: Mt Vernon, IL

Mike and I are having coffee while the truck is having a flat tire fixed. Thismakes, like, the 4th flat tire we've had in the past month either on the trailer or the tractor. I've never had this much trouble.

And... so long Johnny.... you'll be missed. Actually, you've been missed for ten years, now.
i'm ready for my close up mr demille

Minneapolis: Part IV - The Twin Cities From The Air

Price of car rental to Minneapolis: $224
Temperature in Minnesota in January: 3 degrees Farenheit
Looking like a dork in your airplane headgear: Priceless

I will admit, I was a bit nervous about this flight.  Ever since meeting hockeyfag on ElJay, he has offered to take me for a flight should I ever come to visit him.  I always thought this was a nice offer and promised to take him up on it.  And while I was excited about the prospect, I was also a bit wary.  I've flown on commercial airliners a number of times which have multiple engines, which not only provide them with ample power for the thrust required to lift them off the ground but it also provides built-in redundancy in the event engine failure.  I had taken a flight in only one prop-plane prior to this day, and it had been a tri-prop plane with engines in either wing and in the nose.

But a Cessna?

Only one engine.  Only one propeller.  Only one way down.  Heh.  You know in La Bamba when Lou Diamond Phillips gets in the plane at the end of the movie?  I kept thinking about that scene over and over.  But I fought back my fears with the usual rationalizations we like to make when we clamber aboard any plane.  It's perfectly safe (JFK Jr.)...  statistically it's safer than driving (Buddy Holly)...  people do it every day (that Senator from Minneosta)...  wait, that Senator from Minnesota!?!?.

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i'm ready for my close up mr demille

hotties in Hannibal

Location: Oak Grove, MO

Yet again, plans have fallen through with meeting lacyunderall as she has fallen ill.  On a brighter note, Mike said he didn't care to drive all night, so I'm gonna stay a bit later and meet up with justamy this evening.  That's always fun.

This morning in Hannibal, I drove downtown and visited the boyhood home of Mark Twain.  I took some pictures, but truth be told, it's not very interesting.  It's really cheesy... there are white-washed fences EVERYWHERE and all the businesses in town are named for references to Twain's books.  I may post some pictures here of my brief tour, at the veryleat, they'll end up in my photo album.

What was interesting about this morning was I visited a coffee shop down the block called Java Jive and had a yummy mocha and blueberry muffin.  The barista was quite the looker and funny, too.  She and I, along with another gentlemen had a nice time shootin' the shit for about a half hour.  I had my camera with me and the guy seemd interested in my blog here at LJ and asked for me to write down the address.  He, in return wrote down his.  Turns out he's an artist who works in clay.  Man he does some nice work.  You gotta check it out, I was amazed by some of his pieces.

I got an interesting e-mail today, too.  This dude is part of a publishing team at a university in Montreal.  They are putting together an anthology of fiction written by students there and is interested in using one of my photos of the Nevada Shoe Tree for the cover.  It wouldn't involve any money and he's not entirely sure that it's going to happen... but if it does, I'll at least get a couple of copies of the book with my name in the credits... and I can say I'm a published photographer.  Rock!