January 26th, 2005

i'm ready for my close up mr demille

SoopaMusicGeek Meme: Volume 2, Round 4

Leave it to the only sXe person on my f-list to get the Minor Threat signature song.  Only two people got the Springsteen song, that's just sad.  Of the ones remaining, one of them is really, really shocking me that no one has gotten it yet.  Onto Round 4!  Have fun.

janietrain = 49
ruxxell = 27
stormodacentury = 16
tpbrcombo = 16
clockwork_pixie = 12
lenaris = 12
revsphynx = 11
huskerdude1 = 8
Boz = 8
fujerica = 4
kristinkay = 3
delicarose = 3
spleazeball = 2
yourtourniquet = 1

Round Four

9.  "that fall before my eyes. Seems like a thousand years" (moderate)

8.  "just when it hit me, somebody turned around and shouted" (easy)

27. "a mother's handkercheif is soaked with her tears because her baby's" (moderate)

47. "planning on being a star.  Let me tell you it's" (moderate)

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i'm ready for my close up mr demille

2004: The Year In Photos - Part I

A lot of people are doing year-end surveys where they reflect on their accomplishments and short-comings of the previous 12 months. My short-comings are negligible and I'm not exactly an accomplished man, I just like doing things. Lots and lots of things. I can not tell a lie, I got the idea for reviewing my year in photographs from hazlewood and given the nature of my journal, I thought it would work well here, too. I like it so much, in fact, that I think I shall make it an annual tradition in these parts. While I've had my journal for sometime, this marks the first, full year I have actively been writing in it.

What follows will be a collection of photos from the year that mark particular events or that I just liked for whatever reason. Many of these pictures have graced these pages before, but there are a number of them that I never got around to posting or writing about. So, it won't simply be a rehash of old entries; there will be plenty of new stuff to check out. This ended up being a much more ambitious project that I had anticipated; tracking down photos and making all the links to the original entries, but I'm glad I did. Now I will have a one stop place in my memories to find all of the major of events from 2004, plus I wrote about some things I had neglected in the year. I hope you enjoy it, too.

WARNING: I put together a collection of 65 photos for this project, which I am breaking up into two installments of about 32 photos each. Those of you with low bandwidth, go get a cup of coffee or something after you click the cut. :)

2004: The Year In Photos - Part I, January-June


As it so happens, I remember exactly where I was at 12:01 on January 1st. I was in Brooklyn at a club called Southpaw partying with Northern State. They had taken the stage about ten minutes before and were welcoming everyone to the party. They did a countdown to midnight then immediately launched into their set. I attempted to take some videos of the concert (without sound) but with the poor lighting they didn't turn out so well. But if you want to check them out, you can (vid1, vid2, vid3). Video three is particularly interesting because the gals of Northern State display their little known ability to defy the laws of gravity.

But that's all the time I would spend on the east coast at the beginning of the year. As it turned out, the next two months were spent on three back-to-back west coast runs. It was in January when I documented my first shoe tree in Oregon.

I also managed to take my favorite picture of Mt. Shasta to date....

...and that was with the craptacular camera! I can't wait to shoot Shasta with the new SoopaCamera. I also got to appreciate the beauty of sunsets in Utah. At the time, I thought it was only a chance occurence, but over the course of the past year, I've found that there seems to be something unique about Utah. Maybe it has something to do with the way the light reflects off the lake and/or desert that lies in the western part of the state. All I know is, it makes for a pretty drive in the evening.

It was also during the month of January where I first told you about the vast Livejournal conspiracy that many people are unaware of. Actually, it's the only time I told you about it. Maybe I should do more of that.


My second month on the west coast proved to be even more exciting, full of new adventures and experiences. The first of these, en route to the west coast via I-40, I stopped in Amarillo, Texas for the 72oz. Steak Challenge.

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Read Part II.
i'm ready for my close up mr demille

photobucket rape

Location: Davenport, Iowa

As most of you probably have already discerned, my bandwidth has been exceeded for the month of January at Photobucket.  What is interesting about this is that, this is an old account I never use any more.  It was a photobucket account I began last year and I filled it up about a month or two ago.  Of course, rather than pay for their premium services, I simply opened a new, free account under a different name and e-mail addy.  So, basically, this is an account filled with old pictures and I used it to link to old pictures from the previous year.

So I went to photobucket today after finding out that I had exceeded my bandwidth as, under normal circumstances, this is impossible.  The new account where I have recently posted all those Minneapolis photos from last weeked has only used about a half gig of bandwidth for the current month.  The old account?  In excess of TWO gigs!  Two gigs of photo viewing... that's.. a LOT.  A photo of mine has been linked somewhere and just hammered the photobucket account. 

Anyway, Mike and I will be sitting here in Davenport for the evening and it is my intention to upload the necessary photos to my web server to make the Year in Pictures entry workableand then I will edit the links.  I will let you know when it is finished.
i'm ready for my close up mr demille

i'm on the cutting edge, or something

Much like the way I never read manuals, I also am very relunctant to change, particularly when it comes to my computer.  I seldom update programs to newer versions if the current version does precisely what I need it to do.  To give you a good example, I was still using Windows 98 as my preferred OS until last year.  When the web became a big deal I began my browsing experiences with Netscape.  At the time, they were the standard in web browsers as Microsoft had been a bit slow to get in the game.  Eventually, though, it became clear to me that IE was far superior to Netscape...  it was more elgant and it loaded faster.  Say what you want about the evil empire, they occasionally do get it right.  When lossfound suggested I try Firefox some months ago, I took it in my usual stride.  IE does everything I need it to do, no sense in looking elsewhere, right?  But then hockeyfag mentioned it as well...  so I threw caution to the wind.

And so far I'm rather pleased.  I haven't gotten into everything I can or can't do with it yet, but so far I am very impressed.  One of the nice features is the way you can tab your web journies into a single window of Firefox, rather than having a jazillion IE windows open.  When you right-click a link, you have the option not only to open it in a new window, but to open it in a tab in the same window.  Too cool!  you can even open up your entire bookmarks toolbar in one window of tabs with a single click! And they all load simultaneously.. in one window! Awesome! lossfound told me way-back-when that they even have a plug-in that puts a search bar for Allmusic in the window which I am happy to report is a Dream Come True.

The only negative side so far is that it seems to be a bit wonky about cut 'n paste from one window to another... I encountered this in particular when working with my new-fangled photo gallery.  I also will still have to use IE for playing in The Zone, but that's no big deal.

Speaking of the new-fangled photo Gallery... stick a fork in it, it's done, dude.  I still need to work with the appearance and get a more tasteful page color, but the grunt work of migrating all the photos from the old album to this one has been completed.  I even have all 4783428234975982735874 pictures from my weekend in Minneapolis online now, if you care to take a gander.

I'm thinking about starting an amatuer photography club.  More details to follow if I actually do.  Anyone local interested?

Mike and I have to deliver in Chicago in the morning, then we're heading home.  Hopefully, Mike will be allowed to process out in Indy on my way through and he can get his own truck in the coming days.  As for me, I should be home by tomorrow (Thursday) night.  The downside to that is I have to be back in Colorado by Monday morning, and whether by myself or with a new trainee it's going to be a two day trip, so leaving sometime mid-day Saturday will be my only option.  Depending on how things go and my timetable...  I might be in Kansas City sometime over the weekend with some time to spare.  So, lacyunderall?  Fifth time's a charm?