January 28th, 2005

i'm ready for my close up mr demille

lazy day

Location: Cardwell, KY

I decided to re-link the found_objects entry about the Nevada Shoe Tree.  That should keep the hits to the photobucket account down once the new month gets here.  The second part of my Year In Review is going to have to wait a few days, though.  See, I already have it written, and linked to lots of old photos in that account and I don't feel inclined to re-link them all, espcially when there are only 3 days left in the month.

I have my kitty!  Robin needed her out of the apartment for the day so some spraying could be done, so Fubu came home with me last night.  She'll be spending the day and night with me here at the homestead when I'll take her back sometime on Saturday.  Unfortauntely, she doesn't adapt well to rapid change, so she's off hiding rather than being my pal.  But still it's nice to have her around for a while.  I miss having her with me on the road.  The ride from Lexington with her in the truck was like old times... she crawled up in my lap while I was in the driver seat. Awww!
i'm ready for my close up mr demille

Stop the Madness

This is protected by the red, the black, and the green
With they key!  SISSIES!

Props to blackperson for her brilliant Stop the Madness Campaign where I picked up this nifty icon.

After listening to those old EPMD, Brand Nubian, and X-clan records that I bought last week I couldn't agree more.  Ever since the rise of gangster rap in the 90's, I've increasingly been dismayed with what passes for hip-hop these days.  I was thinking about this as I was listening to those records this past week. I really enjoyed the music  of the hip-hop community back in the late 80's and early 90's, a good deal of them from the Five Percent Nation Of Islam school of politics and religion. (Boogie Down Productions, Public Enemy, Poor Righteous Teachers, Eric B and Rakim, MC Lyte, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul).  While I don't always identify with their politics, nor their oft militant persuasion, I loved the way they approached their sound and the skill with which they manipulated language and audio samples.  By having their identity wrapped up in the role of teacher, the lyrics tended to be very astute and they took the possibilities of rhyming structures to levels that hadn't been dreamed of yet.  I can remember the first time I head PRT's "Holy Intellect" and remember just being blown away by not only the lyrical structure, but the rate at which it was rattled off.

Paris... anyone remember him? 

P-dog, back to break 'em off somethin'
And never frontin' 'cause the rhymes keep comin'
Like lotto 'cause I'm in it to win it, I never lose
Never singin' but swingin' and bringin' nothin' but bad news

or Das Efx?

Bum stiggedy bum stiggedy bum, hon,
I got the old pa-rum-pum-pum-pum
But I can fe-fi-fo-fum, diddly-bum, here I come
So peter piper, I’m hyper than pinochio’s nose
I’m the supercalafragilistic tic-tac pro

Yeah, somebody Stop the Madness... and bring back the real hip-hop.
mt shasta

hunt for lj-friends

I figured since I'm in Denver, like, all the time these days, I might as well make some Denver friends since I've never come across any in my friend's networks thus far. So I went on a random Denver friends hunt.  I'd forgot how much I hate doing this... as if it's not hard enough finding people with similar interests who also are capable of keeping an entertaining journal; try to find one in a specific area.  But I added a couple...  we'll see how it goes.  I should find some in Portland one of these days....