February 18th, 2005

mt shasta

no trainee for meeeee

Location: Aurora, CO

I called my prospective trainee last night to let him know that we would meet in the morning.  Turns out he found a local job and won't be going to work for Werner now.  Bummer.  I'll be in Indy on Saturday, maybe I can acquire myself a trainee there.

Time to knuckle-down and get to drivin'...  long and boring Kansas, here I come.

(no subject)

Since I have answered this question now on three other people's journals... I guess I feel obliged to reciprocate, since the gist of this deal is that you post it on your own journal so they can comment back to you.

Silly lj games.

But, I will re-word it to suit my own purpose...

If you woke up and discovered that I was spooning you, what would be your first thought?