March 28th, 2005


Jawbreaker showdown!

The World's Largest Jawbreaker

In this corner, soopageek, an adventerous, gastronomic wonder

Challenger mandy_moon has proved herself ruthless.  Look at poor Yoshi! Truly a fierce competitor.

mandy_moon taunted soopageek with photos of her progress, boasting of her ardour to accomplish such a feat despite an outbreak of hives and drawing blood from her 'breaker-lickin' tongue

soopageek countered with courage, despite the tales of oral carnage from his worthy adversary

soopageek is one color behind, but a champ like this cannot be underestimated.  The prize?  There is rumored to be the chewy goodness of bubblegum on the inside!  Not to mention, bragging rights for getting there first.