April 5th, 2005

i'm ready for my close up mr demille

an Andy Rooney moment, or stop copying me!

You ever noticed how when you compose an LJ entry, sometimes you will use a word, euphemism, or cliche you just read in friend's a journal?  And I'm not talking about like, the word... "the" or something, but a rather unique word.  Maybe you would've used the word anyway when writing your entry, but NOW you have to worry about someone thinking your copied them.  Sometimes, maybe you really ARE copying them whether consciously or not.  Of course, that's the benefit of reading regularly, whether it be a book or a well-written blog; it serves to strengthen one's vocabulary and word choice.  I have a reasonable vocabulary, it's not like they are necessarily words I don't already know, I just might not have thought to use it had I not just seen it.  I will admit that on one occasion, one of you (huskerdude1) introduced me to a completely new word ("priapic") of which I was not familiar.  I haven't had an occasion to use it yet however. 

I'm hyper-sensitive to it, in an almost neurotic sense.  I notice when I do it, as well as when one of you do it.  I did it as recently as yesterday, inserting the word "piqued" into my Psycho Btich Magnet story after having just seen the word in atthestarz's journal.  In another nod to huskerdude1,  I've been flinging about the word "disingenuous" with shameless caprice for the past few weeks after he slung it at me in a comment.  These are certainly not isolated instances, for I catch myself doing it quite often.

Not to embarass anyone, because I'm certainly as guilty as he next person as we have seen, but I can think of two instances when I'm pretty sure this same phenomena occured in reverse.  The first of these hapened just last night, which sparked the writing of this entry.  I had just used the cliche "too much on my plate" in my entry yesterday then ran across it again in dragoneletra's journal later in the evening .  I also caught lossfound using the word "scatalogical" a day or two after my own use of it.  It's ok Rob, the only reason this one sticks out in my mind is because I stole it from an Allmusic article!

Even more curious than this phenomena is when you see it happen completely by chance, say, in two unrelated friend's journals; there's no way they could be copying each other yet they both made an identical word-choice on the same day.  I sometimes wonder if maybe it's a degrees of seperation sort of thing.  Like, they have another common friend that used the word recently, or possibly a couple of friends removed or a common community.  I've yet to see it happen, though in a word-choice being stolen from me.  I will surely let you know if it ever happens.

Of course, now I've probably made you as self-conscious and neurotic about it as me, negating the prospect of this occurence