April 12th, 2005



Location: Columbia, NJ

I made fun of Jason when he said dumb things.  Delroy on the other hand says some interesting things from time to time.  Out of fairness, I figure I should document some of these things here.  Some of these require context, but I will try to be brief in their setup.  I present, the Delroyisms:

Once when comparing the act of job-hopping, something which is rampant in this business, Delroy said, "I don't want to be like no bird, jumping from limb to limb."

A couple of weeks ago, en route to Alabama, we went through Paducah, KY where he had just finished truck driving school before coming to work for my company.  We were on a very loose schedule, so I told him if he wanted to stop and say hi to the folks there, we could do that.  By this point, Delroy had been driving with me about a week and had been given a virtual trial by fire with lots of mountain driving in adverse, wet conditions.  While talking to some of the n00bs that were hanging around he said:

"I know you are thinking to yourself that this truck driving school is hard, learning to back and shift the gears, but you are only crying water.  When you get out here, mon, you will cry blood."

"Music is life."

"I smoke weed for thirty 38 years and I give it up to do this.  Some people couldn't believe I could that.  Thirty eight years, mon.  But you know what?  I smoked so much weed that now, if I ever feel like I want to get high, all I have to do is think about it."

Apparently, when I get stormodacentury in a couple of weeks, I'm going to be bombarded with bad jokes.  I promise I'll spare you.