May 25th, 2005


a day in New York with Aaron

After all the excitement with the Indiana Shoe Tree and Crawford County Chainsaw Garden, stormodacentury and I still had what promised to be an adventure filled day in New York City ahead of us.  We got into the north Jersey area on Saturday night and took a bus the next morning into the city.  The bus ride from our particular location is a fun one; it winds along the banks of the Hudson River over looking the city.  It was a dreary day, but I was having fun playing with super-fast shutter speeds trying to capture bits and pieces of the skyline as it whizzed by outside the bus window.

There were also some interesting human subjects afoot... and more doggies.

We got into the city about mid-day and decided to go get some lunch in Little Italy.  Afterwards we took a breif stroll through Chinatown then up the Bowery toward the East Village, home of CBGB.

Aaron, punk-rock dude that he is, could appreciate the history behind this establishment.  This early in the day, they weren't really "open", but they allowed us to go inside and look around.  I had been to CBGB a couple of times in the past, but I had never taken any photos inside. Once inside, I couldn't stop Aaron from acting out his own punk-rock fantasy. Collapse )