June 9th, 2005


a welf of fun

Location:  Brookville, PA

Last night when stormodacentury and I got to Youngstown, we found out that the load which was being brought to us was delayed in Illinois and wouldn't be there until morning.  In a flurry of LJ comments it was discovered that, nearby, chronic insomniac welfy was agreeable to the idea of meeting a couple of new Livejournal folk.  She met us shortly after midnight in the truckstop restaurant for food and conversation.  Stormo hung in-there for a while but, as he had done a bulk of the driving that day, he retired sometime near 2am while Welf and I soldiered-on 'til nearly 4am.  In addition to being quite fetching, she's the kind of person you can start talking-to and the time just gets away from you.  She gets major points in my book for referring to this old codger as "wicked hot", but I think she was just blinded by the specter of Bob Ross on my T-shirt.  She gave me a bright green superball, too!  They always come back to you.  I had left my camera in the truck so she has all of the photographic evidence, but I will be sure to share when they make their way to the internets.

I discovered over the course of our conversation that she has an interest in abandoned buildings as well, not to mention she's probably a bigger photowhore than myself (I know that's hard to believe!).  Maybe sometime this summer I'll have to take a weekend-off up there and we'll go find something fun to explore in the backwoods of western Pennsylvania with our cameras.  She also told me of a shoetree nearby which she will definitely be taking me to see in the future, even if I have to kidnap her and hold her hostage until she does.

The other driver finally arrived around 11am this morning so we are under-way.  This kinda wrecks my plans for having lunch with hope_sets_sail this afternoon in Manhattan, but that's ok...  I'll catch him the next time through.  Getting away so late, we won't get this unloaded in Perth Amboy until tomorrow morning.  From there, we'll catch a load out of Beavertown, PA to be delivered in Arthur, IL on Saturday morning which means I won't make it home to go see Modest Mouse and Camper Van Beethoven in Covington on Friday night.  I think Stormo may go with me when I go to photograph Devilstomp on Saturday night at Short Street Lounge in Lexington, assuming we're not working over the weekend.  If any of you locals are interested in joining us, you're more than welcome to come along.