July 10th, 2005


an open letter

There are more than a few events, recent and past, from which this entry stems.  The particulars of this is not of consequence, just my overall feelings of vitriol I'd like to spew forth at this very instant, because I can and want. 

To any man who has ever forcefully exerted his physical power over a woman for the purpose of instilling fear, intimidation, or working out issues of violence and dysfunction in his own life I would like to say the following:  fuck you and where do you get off?  Who hasn't had deep personal issues to exorcise?  I don't care how messed up your life seems or is, it is not an excuse and I'm tired of your bullshit.  If things are so messed-up inside yourself that you feel you have to raise your hand-to or violate a woman to get your point across, you are fucked.up.  Really.  So do us a favor, take one for the team and thin the herd.  You have no place among us.  The nice guys of the world are tired of picking up the pieces of your dysfunctional blitzkrieg on our sisters, mothers, friends, and lovers.  We don't mind being there for them, but we shouldn't have to be there for them.  We shouldn't have to endure the hint of fear in their eyes when we're in their presence.  We shouldn't have to pretend we don't notice the slight flinching when a sudden movement is made.  We shouldn't have to worry that they're afraid to express themselves honestly, even angrily, with us out of fear, leaving them to keep it all bottled inside.  You're disgusting and despicable and I have zero sympathy for you.  I hope there's a special skewer over the pit for you in the hottest parts of hell.  I'll be there stoking the furnace with sulphur and brimstone if they let me.