August 9th, 2005


pablo picasso never got called an asshole.... not in New York

Location: Bloomsbury, NJ

Yesterday my delivery schedule was thwarted in part by a bomb threat at a Home Depot in Philadelphia.  Obviously, the terrorists hate our freedom to buy bathroom caulk.  Despite falling behind by three stops, I've managed to only be behind by one by the end of the day.  It'll be interesting to see if I can still finish this by tomorrow though.  This trip will take me way out on the tip of Long Island.  Hopefully this trip to LI will go better than the last one.

Tonight, I will be visiting with queenkatieett and "The Boyfriend" in Manhattan.  In the past few weeks she has transitioned from Buckeye, with a brief stint as a truckmate, to a New Yorker.  She better take my ass some place other than OLIVE GARDEN though.