September 16th, 2005



Location: Dallas, TX

I came to the company terminal in Dallas to pick-up a split load that I was to have in Menomonie, WI by 6pm tomorrow.  The Dallas terminal is one of our "full service" terminals which means it has a "safety lane", whereby all trucks are required to go through for a quick look over and any periodic maintenance which is required can be performed.  Since I had just been in the shop in Indianapolis last week for preventive maintenance, I assumed that any other maintenance which may have been due would have already been addressed.

But that would be too easy.  Instead I got tagged for alignment and air filters.  The air filters I can understand, but since they just put two brand new steer tires on the truck last Thursday, you would think they might have gone ahead and taken care of the alignment if it was only a week away from being needed.  The inefficiency of large corporations never ceases to amaze and irritate me.  Now I''ve been stuck here for 8+ hours waiting for the truck to get into the shop.

The plan had been to drop Johnny off near his home en route to Wisconsin for his hometime.  Instead he opted to go ahead and take a bus out of here since the wait was going to be so long.  I already have met my new trainee.  His name is Irwin and he only has 30 hours to complete his training.  Third ringer in a row; makin' my life easy.