January 26th, 2006


cute communist

ast Saturday when I explored the abandoned schoolhouse, I took my girlfriend welfy with me. In addition to going to the old schoolhouse, I also took her to a nearby cemetery, because nothing says romance like a trip to a graveyard. Don't tell me I don't know how to wow the ladies.

But this this was no ordinary cemetery! It was a cemetery of royalty... in.. in a manner of speaking.

The sun was setting and there's an awesome view from the cemetery, one of those kinds of views that makes you realize just how beautiful Kentucky is.

In my post the other day about the abandoned schoolhouse, I left-out all of the pictures I took of Welf around the premises. I'm going to rectify that with the remainder of this entry. Exploring abandoned buildings and photographing them is about as awesome as it gets. It's even better when you have a pretty girl in the frame some of the time, too.

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As usual, you can check out all of them in the photo gallery.