February 7th, 2006


pittsburgh, soopawelf style

n celebration of my birthday, welfy and I went to Pittsburgh for the day. Like a lot of U.S. cities, Pittsburgh has converted its old railroad station into a commercial district. In Pittsburgh, it's called Station Square. What's unique about it from some of the other renovated stations I've seen is that it's not exactly in downtown Pittsburgh; it resides on the other side of the river, giving one a fantastic view of the city's skyline.


Welf and I were starving. She was intending on taking me to a fondue restaurant in the station called The Melting Pot, but when were arrived just shortly after noon, we discovered that they wouldn't open until 3pm. Starving as we were, we decided to go to the Hard Rock Cafe across the street for some appetizers to hold us until the fondue place opened. Naturally, I love the Hard Rock and I like going to new ones which I've never visited, if nothing else to see the memorabilia at that particular location. While waiting on our order to arrive, I wandered around the restaurant looking at the guitars and stage costumes. Over a plate of nachos, we watched performances and videos on the big screen TV.

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Near our table were a few pieces of memorabilia which reminded me of some of my livejournal.friends. For instance, there was the sheer bearded genius of Michael McDonald gazing over our table, reminding me of lossfound.

Also nearby, was an old Fender which used to belong to Mark Knopfler, one of tpbrcombo's heroes.

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