February 28th, 2006


Chester Hide and Skin: Part II

Part I - The Exterior
Part II - Building 1
Part III - Building 2
Part IV - Building 3

hen I arrived on the premises of the meat packing plant in Chester, I didn't immediately take all of the exterior photos which I showed you in Part I. I snapped a few then made a beeline to the rear of Building 1, where I had seen an open doorway from the road. I was under the impression that it was one big building that would be interconnected, which I later found not to be the case. Before I go any further with the narration and photos, I want to apologize in advance for the quality of most of these photos. Except for same areas of Buildings 2 and 3, the entire complex is windowless. I was armed with only a small flashlight with dying batteries and the flash on the camera. For all intents and purposes, I was shooting these in the dark, sometimes not even seeing what I was shooting until I saw it on the camera's viewing screen.

Building 1 obviously served as some sort of shipping facility for the plant. My guess is that it was the original shipping dock before the modern dock was built as part of Building 3. As mentioned previously, I entered Building 1 from the rear where I had found an open door.

As you can see, the roof has collapsed in the corner and there is a good deal of general refuse about as well. There is some of the industrial variety such as wood pallets as well as some more curious things like furniture. You can also see that the doorway enters onto a platform but there were no stairs apparent; it may have been buried in the roof collapse. I had to make-do with jumping down to the floor. This photo is a rough representation of the width of the room. You may also notice the interior doorway beside the entrance. It was empty, except for the wooden flooring.

The room opened-up and was largely empty except for some stacks of pallets. Enough light was coming in through the collapsed roof that I could see across the entire building to the dock doors on the other side. This next photo is terribly blurry, but it's the only one that gives you a sense of the size of the place in conjunction with the previous photo. This is represents one-half of the dock area, separated by an interior wall

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