March 17th, 2006


because i got the flow where i grab my dick and say oh my god that's some funky shit

ith the recent increase to 132 icons for permanent member accounts, I thought maybe I should try to get my number of icons above the 50 mark. I'm not a huge userpic person, I guess. I see some clever and original ones around from time to time and will save them to my laptop, but there are few that have made their way to my avatar list on LiveJournal. My favorite icons are typically the ones that are comprised of my own photos or that I spent the time adding text and/or animation to. Not that anyone couldn't rip some Aqua Teen Hunger Force from a DVD and make an animated GIF out of it, but I took the time to do it which makes the icon more meaningful to me I suppose. So, I've been thinking about things that I need icons for, or things which I want to give tribute to with an icon. For one, I think I need to create an icon dealing with the topic of typos, in particular my own. I jokingly told Welf the other night that maybe I should just delete all my avatars and have a single default userpic that says "I probably typeod this." I definitely need a few more movie-related icons, to give me some variety other than my Buster Keaton and Sixteen Candles icons. I did make one icon last night, however. In all this time that I've had a LiveJournal, I've never had a Beastie Boys icon. That has been rectified with this little homage to "Sure Shot". I may do another, static icon from some old stock photo, possibly of Ad Rock, that I like and one more animated GIF culled from video to have a Beastie trilogy. As usual, feel free to swipe anything I make if you likey.