April 4th, 2006


put me on a highway and show me a sign

his past weekend, welfy and I ventured to the cold, strange land of Rochester, New York for the purpose of visiting with stormodacentury and his wife dsptchrgal. They opened their home to us for the duration; a weekend filled with good friends, good food, and good times. On Saturday night, Stormo's band The Emersons were playing at a club downtown. They, along with the other band were both doing cover sets. The first band, a one-off project calling themselves Tom Foolery and Some Shenanigans featured The Emerson's drummer and some guys from another local band. They did a set comprised entirely of Nirvana songs. Then The Emerson's took the stage and ripped through a set of Queers songs.

he following day, Mrs. Stormo had to work at crack-of-dawn o'clock so the rest of us spent the morning sleeping-in and lazing about. The three of us later went to The Bop Shop where I scored an Elmore James greatest hits album and a Les McCann record. There was also a used/rare bookstore nearby that Welf had a blast rummaging around in and found a couple of keepers to take home with her. By this time, Angie was getting off from work so we met her for dinner at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que for a great greasy dinner.

Just around the corner from the restaurant was the entrance of our primary objective for the day: Rochester's abandoned subway system.

I'll likely write a more in-depth entry about it at a later date, but if you'd like to go look at the pictures and you didn't already see them on my gallery syndication you can peruse them at your leisure in the photo album.

ater that evening, we took a stroll across a pedestrian bridge overlooking the Genesee River and the downtown Falls before heading back to the house. On the way back, Welf and I took a scenic drive along the coast of Lake Ontario. After the Stormo's retired for the evening, Welf and I cuddled-up and watched The Truman Show before retiring ourselves. Monday morning, we drove back to Pennsylvania and spent the day watching movies and playing games. I picked Joe up this morning and we headed over into Ohio to wait for a load being split at the company drop yard in Girard that we will finish taking to New York. The other driver still hasn't gotten here yet, so we'll probably be in for some late night driving.