April 8th, 2006

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icon contest

oday, my friend m0nkeygrl presented me with this great userpic. Also today, as usual, I badly typoed a comment, one which drastically changed the meaning of the comment and required me to make another comment to correct it. I do this, a lot, because 1) my typing skills are atrocious and 2) my proof-reading diligence is a little more than suspect. I've been thinking for some time, now, that I need a clever userpic(s) for these situations when I butcher a comment, yet I haven't been able to think of something, because I'm not consistently the cleverest of fellows.

So I thought, why not ask my very clever and creative friends? Even better, why not make it a contest?

But to have a contest, you need a prize. So here's the skinny: you have through April 16 (Easter Sunday) to submit an LJ-icon (100x100px, <40k) dealing with my lame typing/editing/proofreading habits. To encourage a multitude of avatars to choose from, there will be three prizes: one for first place and one for runner-up as selected by me, and one based on a popular, blind vote of my f-list. The three winning icons will receive one month of paid LiveJournal and all three will be included in my userpics with proper credit. There is no limit to the number of icons you can submit. In the event that the popular vote coincides with the first-place or runner-up icons, I will choose the next highest vote. As for the content of the userpic, it's fair game. The funnier and more clever I think it is, the better. Feel free to share this contest with friends on your f-list. At the end of the contest, I will make a post with the three winning icons plus all the avatars from the contest and who submitted them.

You can either e-mail them to me, or post them in a comment to this entry. Comments have been screened on this entry to keep the contest blind.