April 12th, 2006


an entry entirely about eating

o communicate back and forth with dispatch, receive information, and log our hours we utilize a satellite device known as a Qualcomm. A driver can send a message in one of two ways: either a free form, typed message or from a list of pre-set macros. The macros are numbered, and one gets in the habit of simply referring to them by their number For instance, upon completion of loading we send a Macro 2, or to shorten it, I would tell my student to "Send a 2".

This morning, Joe wanted to check his student driving hours, to see how many he had completed. The company has a macro established for that as to prevent students from calling the Training Department to ask. The conversation went something like this:

Joe: I wanna check my hours. What do I do? 69?
Me: It's a 62. A 69 is something else completely different. Heh.

I think it went over Joe's head though.

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