April 22nd, 2006


Show Us Your Gams, The Ladies of Western PA

esterday when I opened my e-mail, I had a notification from Gemm alerting me that a record on my want list had been posted for sale. I've found this to be a really useful feature. I not only found a reasonably rare, out-of-print copy of a Nerdy Girl 10" I had been looking for for some time, but it also alerted me to the re-issue of the Crain album on CD. Yesterday, it came through for me again.

That's right suckers, The Lonesome Crowded West on vinyl. For a song, too. I've seen it go on eBay for over $100. I picked it up for just under $50. Wo0t, as they say.

t's kinda dreary and cloudy today. I'm not sure if I'll find the motivation to go to New Orleans or hold out for better weather tomorrow. I might just kinda play it by ear. I know one thing, if I don't go today I'll definitely go tomorrow. Maybe I'll check the weather forecast before I make up my mind. The weather could be worse tomorrow.

s promised, here's the first installment of LEGS from my friends list. We'll call this group of photos, The Ladies of Western Pennsylvania.

First and foremost as you might imagine, is my lovely welfy. She has such awesome legs.

Next up is smiles_sweetly. For those of you not in the know, she is the girlfriend of Welf's brother, Ben. 'Cause I got juice like dat.

And last, but certainly not least is ladydreamfire, who I've had the pleasure of meeting a couple of times when visiting Welf.

I'll post some more tomorrow. I've had promises of pictures from more people, so hopefully they'll be trickling in, too. I'm certain no one else finds this is as amusing and fun as I do, but I'm having a blast getting pictures from all of y'all. Keep 'em coming, even if you don't want them posted in an entry.
i'm ready for my close up mr demille

Voice Post:

277K 1:20
“heeey livejournal, it's soopageek. i may make a couple of voice posts over the course of the day, just to kind of capture what i'm seeing and feeling as the moment presents itself. i just drove through the northern suburbs of New Orleans, on my way into downtown and.. it's.. it's like nothing i've ever seen. it looks like something you would expect to see in a war-torn city or something. entire neighborhoods just deserted, and debris all over the streets and buildings that look like they've been bombed out. some of it is from storm damage, others from, i guess, you know, looting and fire and things like that. i mean there's still a lot of signs of life, a lot of traffic, businesses open- but there's almost just as many businesses that are boarded up. just now coming into downtown, i figure i'll go in downtown first and then work my way out and then check out some of the suburbs, later. but, just wanted to uh.. catch it while it was fresh- fresh in front of my eyes. i'm sure i'll talk and write more later, and have tons of pictures.”

Transcribed by: grassfire
i'm ready for my close up mr demille

Voice Post: Driving around the French Quarter

403K 1:59
“Hello, LiveJournal - soopageek again. I just drove through the French Quarter a little bit, and I'm happy to report that there are lots of tourists milling around and most all of the businesses seem to be open. Not that everything is all rosy and perfect down here - a lot of the neighborhoods around the French Quarter show lots of signs of damage. But there are also still lots and lots of people around here.

I guess New Orleans is doing all right, it looks like. I mean, obviously it's going to take years to clean everything up and it'll cost a lot of money to repair everything but some of the reports you hear of, you know, everybody basically leaving doesn't seem to be exactly accurate anyway. Of course, I'm not a native of the area so I really couldn't say. Certainly, there are lots of discouraging signs. Lots of businesses - like there was the corner I was just on: McDonalds and the Church's Chicken and everything were boarded up and closed from the storm damage. But then again, there was a brand new {Rally's?) right there, taking advantage of the fact that there's no competition on that corner.

So i don't think there's a whole lot to worry about. It looks like things are going to be okay down here. I'm getting ready to find some parking and walk around Bourbon Street and the French Quarter section myself. So I'm sure I'll have tons and tons of pictures by the time I get done.

I still plan also - I'm going to drive back out into the suburbs and drive around and take pictures out there before it gets dark as well, and that should be a lot of fun.

Anyway, just wanted to send another update.”

Transcribed by: con_grazia