April 30th, 2006


legs on the truck, legs on lj

he transmission of the truck is pretty much shot. It turns out however that I have 5th and 10th gears, so the fleet-owner is paying me to drive the crippled truck to Iowa, if I can make it there before losing those last two gears. While it was a bit of a detour, I still slipped by welfy's house last night and picked her up for our month-long road trip together. So now it's her, Fubu, and me on the truck. The truck's becoming rather crowded these days.

n continuing with the SHOW US YOUR GAMS challenge, today's photo is of m0nkeygrl, one of my earliest LiveJournal friends.When she sent it to me she called them her "clam chowder legs", because they're white and chunky. I think they look awesome, plus you get bonus points for wearing your Reverend Horton Heat shirt.