May 9th, 2006


a state that's untouchable like Elliot Ness

e've been living our lives faster than the speed of LiveJournal. When we last left the Soopageek and Welfy Road Show, we were in Omaha. Oh, that seems so long ago. After a gorgeous cross-country drive through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and the San Rafael Swell of south central Utah, we found ourselves in Las Vegas with half a day to kill. We wore ourselves out walking the strip and being touristy. Yesterday morning, upon the completion of my delivery in Hemet, California we had another half day to kill, so I rented a car and we drove into Los Angeles for the evening and proceeded to be all touristy once again, and even got to meet one of Welf's livejournal.friends _likelife down in Redondo Beach. Ordinarily, I'd be filling your friends page with lots of photos and stories, but between the living and the working, there's just no time. Maybe some day, maybe not.

here's always time for gams, though. This one, is a family affair. First there's the_fishery showing off her tattoo.

Then she decided to get a "couple photo" with her dude.

Then she got a cyoot chubby wubby baby wegs picture. Awwwww.

Please send pictures if you haven't yet. See how much fun we're having? I'm gonna try to read a journal or two... hundred.