May 19th, 2006


i can't drive... FIFTY FIVE!!!!!

n a poll by ruxxell this morning asking various questions about driving cars, a question about the number of speeding tickets one has had was in it, with a list of choices ranging from 0 to 12. Unfortunately, my answer doesn't fit into that range. See, I've had lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of speeding tickets. I would guess somewhere in the low twenties. The problem is, I've lost count!

And yet I've never lost my license. Kentucky has a State-sponsored traffic school, which I have attended 7 or 8 times. In fact, I just attended taffic school in the past year for the speeding ticket I got in eastern Kentucky. I'm sure someday I'll be there again. In the old days, you could attend the traffic school after getting a speeding ticket if you hadn't been in the last 24 months. They've gotten even more liberal with it in the past few years, allowing you to go every 12 months. How does driving school work? It's a 4 hours class that essentially expunges the speeding violation from your record, including the points. In the past 15 years that I've been going to traffic school not much has changed in the curriculum. You watch movies about DUI and safety belts and things like that. It's boring and wastes half of a Saturday but it beats increases in your insurance rates. It's safe to say I have a bit of a lead foot. I like to drive fast. I don't think I'm a reckless or an unsafe driver, I just like to drive faster than the posted limits allow.

Anyway, I thought that, like other lists I've begun in LiveJournal for my own amusement to keep track of things, this would be a fun one to start. Now comes the task of remembering them all. There's no way I'll be able to remember the exact chronology/year (although I certainly remember the first I ever got) nor am I likely to remember the actual violation, but I do remember where I got them and in most cases, what I was driving. So here's the list, to the best of my recollection, which will be ongoing as new ones are acquired. Unless otherwise noted, the tickets were issued in the Lexington metro area.

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