June 10th, 2006


bullet the blue sky

t's been over a week since I updated? Wow. And there's so much to write about and no time to devote to it. You know what they say; when the going gets tough the tough use bullets... er, something.

  • welfy and I finally got moved into the house in Frankfort on Wednesday. I've been spending a good deal of my time moving furniture, putting together furniture, and hooking-up electronics and appliances. Right now, we're using a combination of the Sprint Air Card I have and leeching WiFi from our gracious neighborsgoingincirclez/mix3d3m0ti0n5 until the city Plant Board can get the cable and internet installed on Tuesday.

  • While in a Lexington computer-oriented store to purchase a cable modem for the impending installation, Welf and I were checking-out when the chick behind the counter says, "I know you from LiveJournal." Chick indeed. It was hxcpunkchick. I had only ever seen like, maybe two pictures of her and neither of them looked like the girl standing before me. It was kind of strange. It's the first time I've ever had anyone recognize me solely because of my affiliation with some web site. Clearly, I am posting entirely too many pictures of myself. Speaking of pictures and this livejournal.friend, here's the gams photo she sent me that I hadn't posted yet.

  • My truck is in the shop again. The clunking noise was the result of a bad top plate on the 5th wheel which I'm having replaced. I also had the shop do a DOT inspection on the truck. They identified some other minor problems like a bad brake chamber and a faulty air line, both of which I suspected anyway. The top plate won't come-in until Monday or Tuesday, so my time-off will be extended until Wednesday morning.

  • The extra time afforded me by the repair work will allow me to attend a dinner party with Welf at El Casa de thawaltzingfool, which I was sure to miss with the original plan of going back to work on Monday morning. In other socializing news, Welf and I are headed to my brother's tonight for the celebration of my nephew's birthday. My brothers and I usually play dodge ball at this event. Additionally, my sister in-law has rented one of those big air-filled jumping thingies that you get inside and bounce around in. Yeah, I'll be all over that.