June 13th, 2006


The Soopawelf Homestead

he past week has been filled with lots of moving, sorting, organizing, and assembly. Now that most of it is done, welfy and I are starting to settle into our new digs. Welf ran around for a while yesterday afternoon snapping photos of the place. I'm sure she'll eventually post a similar entry for her journal, but she's feeling a bit under the weather today so, opportunist that I am, I figured I'd beat her to the punch. Welcome to my tour of the Soopawelf Homestead.

It is a duplex in suburban Frankfort. This is the side we don't inhabit. Our neighbors goingincirclez and mix3d3m0ti05 live there.

We live on the other side, with the bitchin' driveway and garage, much to the chagrin, I'm sure, of our automobile gearhead neighbor.

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Last night, Welf and I had dinner with thawaltzingfool in downtown Lexington. I've lived downtown twice, first in college while attending UK then again for about a year after my divorce. I'd forgotten how much I like the general feeling down there. The colorful and quirky blend of people and attitudes. The dinner was sublime as was the company and conversation, and meeting LJ people for the first time is always fun. I hope it's not the last, as thawaltzingfool is every bit as beautiful, charming, and intelligent and I expected her to be.

Last week, before getting h4rdc0r3 with the moving, Welf and I paid our respects to the charred remains of the Tatham Springs Hotel. You can expect an entry about that sometime tonight/tomorrow as well.