July 10th, 2006


her deuce was wild but my ace was high

rolled into Blaine, WA Sunday morning around 7am and dropped the trailer at its destination. I turned around and headed back down I-5 for the small town of Pacific just outside Tacoma where Werner has another drop yard and picked-up a loaded trailer there. This took all of a couple of hours. It's destination? Fifty miles away in Mukilteo, just north of Seattle.... for an 8am delivery on Monday. Basically, I've had the entire day off. If there's one thing about working in the general 48 states division that I don't like, it's that it seems to be about a 50/50 shot that you're actually working on the weekends that you're on the road.

When I first began working 48-states, my dispatcher was a bit unreceptive to the idea of me taking off every other weekend, not that he really has any say in the matter. Since I'm an owner-operator, he really hasn't much say in these things; I take off when I want to take off and come back to work when I want to come back to work. He told me that he wanted to make sure that I was getting enough miles and that most O/O's are constantly complaining about not getting enough miles. I don't see any point in staying out for 3-4 weeks at a shot just to be sitting on the road somewhere because there's no freight or because I'm out of hours on my 70. I'd much rather do that at home.

Still no student. I had one pre-assigned to me that I was to pick-up on my way through Omaha last week, but he was waiting on some meds to be shipped to him and he wasn't expecting them until the next day. It's a shame, too, because he was already at the halfway mark of his training and would've been a breeze to finish-off. They didn't have any others for me, so I continued west by myself. Perhaps I can acquire one in Portland if I head-out of the northwest that way, or possibly in Omaha on the return trip.

fter today's offering of gams, and barring any more late submissions, I have two photos to go. If you've been meaning to do this and keep putting it off, get me some pics quick! The following photo was sent along with a comment announcing that they had added me, yet another mutual friend as a result of the Soopawelf. So these legs belong to a new friend, Miss angabel.


Tatham Springs Hotel: The Final Chapter

Tatham Springs Hotel: The Final Chapter

What follows is an epilogue to a series I originally posted here in the summer of 2005. If for some reason you missed the original series and would like to view it, here are the links.

Part I - The Exterior of the Hotel
Part II - The Pool  & Bath Houses
Part III - The First Floor Interior, A
Part IV - The First Floor Interior, B
Part V - The 2nd Floor Foyer, Hall, and Exterior
Part VI - The 2nd Floor Interior
Part VII - In search of the Tatham Spring
Part VIII - Epilogue, Tatham Springs: The Final Chapter

hen I was home in June, I was finally able to drive out to the grounds of the old Tatham Springs Hotel in Washington County, Kentucky. I had visited the grounds twice in the summer of 2005, taking an immense and extensive photo record of the property. In May of 2006, I was alerted by a friend of mine that the building had completely burned to the ground. As a point of reference, please consider the following three photographs. The first is a historical photo of the building that I found online.

The next photo is from roughly the same angle, taken by me last summer.

And finally, the way it looks today after the fire, from the same angle.

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