September 8th, 2006


every form of refuge has its price

hile the nearly two weeks spent at home was nice, and getting to spend so much time with my dear welfy, I'd be lying if I didn't say that I'm glad to have the wheels back on the road. All that time, though, allowed me to work on The Guy RoomTM. It has a long way to go, but Rome wasn't built in a day. We can only hope the decadence and grandeur of The Guy RoomTM can someday give Rome a run for its money.

The basement had begun to collect all manner of clutter from its general state of non-use so I began by sorting, organizing, and finding homes for this stuff. I decided to re-arrange the futon and coffee table and put them on the opposing wall. I also finalized the piecing together of a new PC I had started building, but more on that in a bit. First things first, I got some things hung on the wall, in particular, my Black-Jesus-Hanging-Out-With-Dead-Rappers art that I bought a few weeks ago found a home beside the door leading to the garage.

At the bottom of the steps, greeting all entrants to the Domain of Dudes, is a sign that Welf got for me.

Fubu likes The Guy RoomTM, too. She hangs out with me a lot when I'm down there.

So, another thing I added to the room was a fun kitty toy dipped in catnip oils. She had a blast. Collapse )