September 15th, 2006


same thing we do every night, Pinky

've been busy.

Last Saturday I picked-up a new student in Allentown. His name is Clayton and he has been working in the trucking industry for a number of years, but he hasn't done over-the-road for the past several. So my company is putting him through the training program to knock a little of the rust off and to learn some of the company specific things concerning the Qualcomm. He only has to complete 140 hours, so he'll only be with me for about another week and a half.

Since he's already an experienced driver, we've been rolling non-stop. Since leaving home last Thursday, I've clocked nearly 7,000 miles. Sometime this week I'll see if I can get a photo of him.

The film Jarhead, starring Jamie Foxx and Jake Gyllenlhlhalhlhnnyllnhl Donnie Darko, is a film about the United States' liberation of Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm, from American Beauty director Sam Mendes. The movie lasts twice as long as the actual combat operations and is only half as interesting.

I'm wondering if any of you Central Kentucky locals like playing the game Risk? Y'know the old Hasbro board game? I have the PC CD-ROM of it that has LAN capability for game play and some wonderful BIG maps (140+ countries), as well as support for Capital Risk, Mission Risk, and an interesting variant called Ultimate Risk. I was thinking, that if there was enough interest, of cobbling together a LAN party and if it's a hit, doing it a few times a year. The ROM was made long before the days of security schemes and is easily copied so everyone could play and it runs really well on a laptop. Additionally, I have two extra machines in the house that people could use if they couldn't bring their own box/laptop, in addition to my own laptop, Welf's laptop, and a third laptop of questionable reliability that could be used in a pinch.

I was thinking it might make for a fun, if geeky, inauguration event for The Guy RoomTM. Since I've got a wireless router, non-smokers could play upstairs simultaneously with the smokers downstairs. It would be an all-day event, probably on a Saturday, so even if you live a few hours away it'd be worth the trip if you're interested. You could come play for a few hours or dig your trench and battle all day. There would be plenty of snacks, leading up to dinner which I'll cook for everyone. There's ample floor-space for crashing-on if it goes late into the night and/or heavy drinking ensues and The Drive Home becomes daunting. While the gaming will be the centerpiece, it'll be a chance to have fun, hangout, and be social. Up to 8 people can play simultaneously on the big maps, so there'll be plenty of time in between turns for goofing off and conversation. Foul-mouthed trash-talk will be expected... bitch.

Anyone game? Don't worry if you've never played or played little, and want to join in anyway. Since the game takes care of the tedious aspects of the classic board game (dice rolling, army calculation, etc), all that's left is moving your virtual pieces around and conquering the world!