October 6th, 2006


Beyond Stokes Castle

(continued from yesterday)

he Coolest Thing I've Ever Done, was down a dusty old mining road just outside the remote semi-ghost town of Austin, Nevada. I had no idea what was in-store for me when I began my expedition to get a closer look at Stokes Castle two years ago, until I began following the dirt road beyond the tower further into the hills. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the considerable risk I was taking to continue down the road. Large, commercial trucks aren't really designed for traveling in all-terrain environments devoid of asphalt. Without a trailer, there's no weight on the drive axles, yielding very little traction. Additionally, the road was narrow with lots of low branches hanging over the road and tight switch-backs as it wound up the mountain.

I began to see additional remnants of the area's mining history. The first impressive thing I found lay about a mile into the hills from Stokes Castle. It was an old stone structure, it's door sealed shut with an iron gate. The rear wall had collapsed taking a good portion of the roof with it.

I stopped the truck and went to inspect. With the collapsed wall, the barrier on the door had been rendered useless, as anyone could easily access the interior. When I first visited it two years ago, I did go inside, but it was rather uninteresting so I didn't bother with it for this reunion with the structure. There were plenty of other interesting things here to get excited about.

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