October 9th, 2006

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Tomorrow morning, I will be posting Round Two of the lyrics game begun last week, so today will be your last chance to play Round One. I bring this up because, I can think of at least one person who I expected answers from and they were MIA (I'm looking at you janietrain), so there might be others who saw-it-then-forgot-about-it or just missed it altogether. Today though, I'm gonna get the last of the Nevada Mine series posted and be done with it.

Into the mine

(continued from last week)

returned to the mine entrance with my tripod and flashlights. I carefully lowered everything down into the hole then carefully placed my feet into it. I lay on my stomach and crawled backwards into the opening. It was about a 45 degree slope of loose gravel and sand from the hole.

I was now facing the doorway which I had been able to see from outside. There were some markings in orange spray paint, and the doorway obviously led to a mining passageway.

I ducked inside the doorway. The passage was about 5 feet in height, making it necessary for me to stoop as I moved through it.

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