November 2nd, 2006


November Lyrics Game, Round One


y pal tpbrcombo has begun a lyrics game for the month of November. He decided to try his hand at a themed game as well. My hats off to him because not only did he unwittingly steal an idea I had for a future theme, but he did it in a manner which is way more interesting and puzzling than I would've done it. Even better, I get to play, yay!

The theme involves numbers.

It looks like we're going to start alternating these games. When he's doing them, I'll be sure to mention it here, including the additional rounds, since a lot of you seemed to enjoy it. As a side note, if any of you think it'd be fun to do a lyrics game, of this format or otherwise, let me know. I'll advertise for you here as well.

And without further ado: Paul's November Lyrics Game, Round One.