November 27th, 2006


Daily Photos: November 18-26

made a threat last week to begin taking a daily photo. My initial goal was to take a photo at the beginning of my day, every day, and post them as a collection once per week. I've been faithful in my picture taking, but have decided to expand the scope of this project somewhat. I still plan to take a photo at the beginning of every day, as it may be the only picture I feel inclined to take. But if I do take other photos and I feel one trumps that first one, it will go in its place.

I will take at least one photo every day. I will choose exactly one photo from that day for the weekly entry, which I will post every Monday morning as a collection. Those of you on the soopaphoto feed will sometimes get a sneak peak at them when I upload them on Sunday.

These photos go back through last Saturday, so there are 9 photos in this maiden collection. Enjoy.

November 18 - New Braunfels, Texas

November 19 - Zapata, Texas

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