March 21st, 2007


feel'n kinda high like a Hendrix CD

fter getting Sally fixed last week, I acquired a new student. His name is Sam and he's been around trucks most of his life, but never had a CDL until now. Werner only gave him 105 hours to do for training. He's a bit of a good ol'd boy from Delaware; a self-proclaimed, reformed hellraiser and loves NASCAR. Yee-haw. Put him in a wife-beater, sweat pants, and flip-flops and he could co-splay as Carl. He seems to be a nice enough of a guy though, just not someone I can relate to. All the really tacky clothing and crap they sell in truck stops? This is the guy that buys that shit.

With only 105 to do, I won't have him for very long. In fact I may not even have him for all of his meager training. Since leaving home today, I plan to stay on the road until Easter. Part of the plan is that, I'm going to get myself routed to the Omaha area by Monday for the sole purpose of getting Sally doctored-up at the McMullen shop. I'm going to have the alignment done, the windshields replaced, a water-pump replaced, and - drum roll please - a head gasket replaced. Yup, I'm getting oil in the water. Not a good sign. I talked with the mechanic at the McMullen shop and they can do all of that work except the alignment. Having them change the head gasket will save me a bundle over having it done at a dealer.

With all of that work that needs to be done, especially tearing down the motor for the head gasket, I'm likely to lose several days of work... at least. Which is fine, it's work I need done and I'm scheduling my time there in anticipation of it, but I'm sure Sam won't be interested in sitting for several days, especially after having just sat for 3 days in Frankfort while I was on home time. We're playing it by ear and if I'm only going to be down for a couple of days, he might wait it out with me. But honestly, I see this being at least 3-4 days of down time so I imagine he'll try and snag him a different trainer out of the Omaha terminal.