June 4th, 2007

dave-oh my god!

i let you live in my penthouse, you said it was just a shack

fter completing my load in Columbia, MD on Saturday afternoon I was dispatched with a load originating in Big Island, VA that evening bound for West Chester, OH just outside Cincinnati by midnight on Sunday. I figured that I would be afforded a little time to make a small side-trip to Frankfort for a few hours. When it became clear that this was indeed going to happen, I called the realtor who I had made an appointment with for next weekend to see the house. Since Sunday's are typically working days for realtors anyway, I thought it might be worth a shot. Sure enough, she was working an open house that afternoon and would be done by 4pm and said she'd be more than happy to go ahead and show me the house.

I got in about 4pm and grabbed a quick shower then welfy and I headed downtown to meet her. Welf had already seen it earlier in the week, but she wanted to tag along and see it again with me. I'm still in love with it. Tomorrow I'm going to get the ball rolling on things I need to do to secure financing. If all the goes well with that, I hope to make an offer within a week. It's vacant and I have no property to sell; I only need to give my landlord a proper 30 days notice. I figure that it won't be any trouble to be in there before the end of July.
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