July 5th, 2007


random bits

ast night I decided to have the air conditioning recharged. It seems to have helped a little. By 10am this morning it was already over 100 degrees, but it's noticably cooler in the truck than it was yesterday. Money well spent.

I'm addicted to these frosty little bitches.

So I have a new student. His name is Jim.

This ends a nearly three year phenomena of not having a trainee with the same name. I had another Jim, way back in September of 2005. He already has experience as an OTR driver, but hasn't done it for about a year. In addition to that, he worked for my company very briefly once and is already familiar with the Qualcomm and electronic logging. He only has to do 70 hours and is considered full co-driver status; we're just knocking the rust off before he gets his own truck. Should be a piece of cake.

I made some new icons! One is just a semi-mean little joke... the other is finally giving Sally her moment in the sun as my new truck icon. Isn't she cute! I almost photoshopped a smile underneath her headlamps.