August 17th, 2007


out there is a fortune waiting to be had

nyone who's been around me for any length of time knows one thing for certain: I am a fan of Dr. Pepper. It's my soda of choice, hands down. Years ago, I had heard that their main plant in Texas still made it with the original recipe, with cane sugar instead of corn syrup. It's been a foodstuff holy grail for me ever since. Today, I finally had an opportunity to try one. It definitely gives it a different flavor and is totally awesome. Hey fujerica, want me to bring you one?

Sally was a pain in the ass yesterday. First, she conspired with the trailer to have the door unlatch itself while I was pulling out of a dock. The door swung wide and clipped the mirror of the truck beside me. Luckily, the truck had break-away mirrors and no damage was done. Then one of her tires went flat and I had to get it replaced. Finally, the fan on the HVAC in the bunk stopped blowing which... blows, frankly... especially in this heat. Then this morning, the blower was mysteriously working again, although not as strong as it should. Crazy bucket of bolts. I hope I can just keep her together until I'm through with the payments, then I'll have plenty of cash to sink into her and get her all fixed up sweet.

All we're waiting on with the house is for the appraisal paper work to be completed. Home inspection? Check. Termite inspection? No treatment recommended. Home owner's insurance policy? Check. Notice given to landlord? Check. As long as the appriasers don't drag their feet, we're still on track to close on the house next Friday. I'll be glad, too. I'm tired of all this headache.