August 30th, 2007


i am the world's forgotten boy

et me begin by saying thank you for all the congratulatory comments in my previous entry. Since then, I've been busy working on the house and moving, and in some cases, called in professionals to tackle things beyond my know-how. For my own reference more than anything, here's some quick and dirty bullets of my week so far.

  • Hired plumbers to cap-off the 4-inch, open sewer pipe in the basement which the previous owners had used to drain the washing machine, with a 2-inch standpipe. Bought additional tubing to extend the washers drain to reach. Installed new dryer duct.

  • Installed new refrigerator (with ice maker!!!) and range.

  • Snaked slow drain in kitchen sink. Made a minor adjustment to the plumbing underneath to stop leaking.

  • Replaced flap in toilet.

  • Installed three new deadbolts, all keyed the same. This proved particularly challenging in two of the doors which required a lot of drilling and chiseling.

  • Hired someone to fix the freon leak in the air conditioner.

  • Attempted to install a new garage door opener unsuccessfully. Will revisit when I have more time.

  • Uninstalled satellite dish from roof and all of the coaxial cable that went with it.

  • Half-ass installed the home network, enough to get my desktop on the network and to provide wireless access to the internets for Welf's laptop.

  • Replaced the handle on the rear storm door

With some help from Welf's brother, we managed to move all of the "big" stuff last night. There is still a LOT of smaller, car-sized things which still needs to be moved which Welf will be working on through Friday. I feel terrible that so much still has to be moved, but I really needed to get back on the road today. I had already extended my home time by a day as it was. As you might expect, money is really tight with all of this major spending so NOT working isn't really an option. I do feel bad though; she's feeling a bit overwhelmed by how much she has to get done in the next two days and all I can offer is moral support and encouragement from afar.