March 2nd, 2008


the rhythm the rebel

few weeks back I posted an entry about my new lappy, with the promise of posting about the other new gear that I acquired as a result of my insurance claim. If there's silver lining in all of this, it's new toys to play with, if nothing else.

My phone, while not completely destroyed, was badly damaged in the accident, so I had it replaced with a fancy new slim one with a lot of bells and whistles my old one didn't have, most notably: stereo Bluetooth and an mp3 player.

It has other fancy things like a camera and video recorder, but as you might expect, they're pretty much worthless. Coupled with a 4GB microSD card though, it makes a decent little music player. It even has a built-in FM transmitter so I can beam it right into a radio. Now if they will start making cell phones with fax capabilities (send a jpg/receive a jpg) I'll be a happy camper. Why don't cell phones have this yet?

In the wreck, my trusty Sony headphones were destroyed. I could have replaced it with another nice set of 'phones but opted instead for a cheap Sennheiser headset...

...and these BlueAnt headpones, that'll work with the Bluetooth in both my laptop and my phone.

The sound quality in the Sennheisers are so-so, but I wasn't expecting much out of a $17 pair of headphones. The BlueAnt's sound isn't awesome or anything, but they have good general clarity and a decent bass response. I've been using them a lot in conjunction with my phone to listen to music while painting at the candy factory. You can't see it in the photo, but it also comes with a removable mini-boom mic for telephone application. I'm not a huge fan of the "urban-style" design and they can get uncomfortale after extended use, but if you're in need of a Bluetooth stereo headset, I'd give this my personal endorsement.

Finally, I lost two portable DVD players in the crash. So I got two of these bad boys:

While I think it's pretty nifty that they have docking stations for iPods, it's a worthless feature for me because I'll never own one. It does however play Divx/Xvid from disc or SD card, which was the selling point for me. It also has video/audio in jacks, making it usable as monitor for a gaming console.

I got a few other things in the settlement, like a couple of power inverters and a new aircard for the laptop, but there's nothing particularly interesting to say or show about them. This was the fun stuff. Yay me!

As an update on the desktop computer: the new power supply is in (along with some new case fans and a new hard drive I snagged while at Newegg) and it's humming a long just fine. When I consider that between two desktops and two laptops currently in the house, that we have over 2 TB of storage it blows my mind. Remember when a 100MB hard drive would run you a couple hundred bucks?