March 27th, 2008


only you can set you free

fter nearly three months of not doing anything, everything is finally beginning to come together - quickly. Yesterday I finally got my motor carrier number and D.O.T. number for the truck I'll be leasing. I'm shopping quotes on insurance, but will make my decision by Monday and have a policy activated. I may even do it tomorrow. Once this is done, it will be filed with the FMCSA and my authority will be granted in 10-14 business days.

On Tuesday, I'll be heading for Omaha to pick-up the tractor so that I can drive it back to Kentucky for an inspection and get my base plates. I'll also take care of IFTA, KYU and other loose ends while waiting on my authority. By the time I have it, I should be ready to roll. At the very latest, I should be back on the road sometime the week of April 13-19.

For those of you interested in the specifics, I'll be getting a 2004 Peterbilt 387 that will look nearly, if not exactly like, this:

I thought about going into more detail about the journey to getting my own authority, but since it hasn't ACTUALLY come-to-pass yet and there may be more bumps in the road to circumvent, maybe I'll save it for a later entry once I'm successfully in business. I'm sure there are at least a few of you that would be interested to know just what it is you have to go through.
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