April 10th, 2008


whole lotta rosie

uess what's sitting in my driveway?

Steel tire chains!

Actually, they're in the garage now. One set of dual-chains for the the drive tires and two sets of single chains to be placed where ever they're needed or required. They were left on my new truck by the previous driver. I'm guessing they were too troublesome for him to take when he moved out. I also inherited two load bars. I also have 4 sets of cable-style chains that I never returned to Werner, in addition to buckets full of straps. I assume they're mine to keep since they kept my bond. Heh.

Yeah yeah, I know. These are the pictures you were hoping to see.

She's definitely prettier than Sally was and if the bobtail trip home from Omaha was any indication, she rides a lot nicer, too. She also has a lot more bells and whistles than Sally (air bag dump! power windows! power mirrors! steering wheel telescope/tilt!) which will make every day life on the road a little better.

I've named her Rosie, because, you could say she's got it all.

2004 Peterbilt 387
Cummins motor
Eaton Fuller 8-speed transmission

McMullen put new rubber all the way around, replaced the air conditioning condenser and radiator, put a new hub cover on one of the rear axles, replaced/relined brakes, replaced all four batteries and replaced the heating/air controls. In all, a good 6-7k in repairs before giving her to me. Hopefully I can get a good 50,000 - 100,000 miles out of her before I encounter any breakdowns/repairs of consequence.