May 26th, 2008

music collection

you got a date with my sister?!?!? why you lesbian! you damn freak!

t's no secret I'm a huge fan of novelty music. In the past few months, I happened across two of my favorites, neither of which I had heard in years. To whoever took the time to rip these from vinyl, God bless ya.

Art Roberts - "Give Her The Ax, Max" [mp3, 1.69mb]

When I was a kid, my early introduction to music was by way of my parent's music collections. There were a bunch of old 45rpm records, one of which was "Terrible Ivan" b/w "Give Her The Ax, Max" on Imperial Records. I'm guessing it was probably from the ealy 1960s. Art Roberts was a long-time Chicago area radio personality and recorded number of novelty records over the decades. This song is reminiscent of "Tequila", largely instrumental with a couple of iterrations of the song's title. The record was lost long ago, probably broken at some point. Every couple of years I would think to Google it and this time I struck gold, I found it nestled in someone's podcast. It's great to finally hear it again after all these years. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

T. Valentine - "Hello Lucille, Are You A Lesbian?" [mp3, 1.57mb]

I encountered this on a compilation record called The Big Itch Vol. 3 while doing college radio in the early 90s. A buddy of mine from those days, who loved this song as much as I did, sent me an email with a link to a blog where someone had posted the entire compilation. I've since discovered that a collection of T. Valentine's stuff was issued on CD in 2000 which has skyrocketed to the top of my must have albums. If you're the politically correct type, don't even bother listening to this song. It's kinda like Wesley Willis, but hipper and dirtier.