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pro/con fession
I have tried to convince myself that I'm the slow and steady type that doesn't succumb to such whirlwinds. . .

. . .and yet I know how often they can cause me to fall hard and fast.

Better get inside, y'all.  There's a storm coming.

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It's the whirlwinds that make life interesting and beautiful. Succumb, I say, succumb! : )





but seriously... i don't think i can succumb any more... i've fallen through the floor and the am somewhere deep in the basement...

well sweets, i didn't think i'd ever have another long distance relationship, most definitely not with another texas boy. and i definitely never would have chosen to fall for a truck driver, they're hard to keep up with.

funny how life throws you just want you didn't know you needed though.

just go with it, it's good stuff. you are the welf are gaggaliciously adorable in your state of smittenhood.

have you gone on your road trip yet? i, um... ahem.. i haven't been keeping up with livejournal lately... um... you know...

so have ya?

i know, ya punkass! you get the sweetgirl in your truck and the rest of us could just DIE for all you care!

*sticks out tongue*

nah, i leave next friday. we'll get to go out friday night in houston, then i start being a "seat cover" on saturday.

and i don't blame you for being too preoccupied for posting to the lj, i may be the same way on my vacation. or i may get the insomnia and post 516981 pictures of the boyfriend sleeping/driving/eating/farting/whatever.

Not that you don't know it, but that second picture is CUTE.

geeez louise with all this! :)


i think i deserve a little leniency in the sap department. it's been a while, as you well know.

That last picture is absolutely adorable. :)

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