April 8th, 2009


i was a teenage werewolf... braces on my fangs

This week I have a guest onboard, livejournal.friend wendy_sue. She's from the Bay Area, but has recently been living in Santa Rosa while learning to become a casino dealer. How cool is that? For several years now she has flirted with the idea of becoming a truck driver, and now that she's in the midst of a career change, it's at the forefront of her consideration. She flew out here on Monday and she's riding with me this week to see what the life is like. Unfortunately, given the nature of my current type of truck driving work, we've travelled all of 250 miles, haven't left Ohio, and have been sitting all morning waiting on load info.

In the never-ending saga of how I am woefully ill-informed of current events: I didn't know Cramps frontman Lux Interior passed away. For that matter, I didn't realize he was two years older than my dad. Everyone has random memories they associate with music. For the Cramps, mine is a simple one from just a few years ago. I had gone to San Diego to visit an internet friend and fellow Beastie Boys afficionado, to see the Beastie Boys in concert. The next day, we got up and went for coffee, then she took me on a car-tour of her town. It was a typical brilliant and beautiful SoCal day and we rode around with the windows down listening to Songs The Lord Taught Us on the CD player. R.I.P. Lux. Thanks for the rock.