February 11th, 2010


snow day

When I got my trip information yesterday that said I was going to Gaithersburg, MD I groaned audibly and gave a sigh of resignation.

Of course, the customer is closed due to the TWO FUCKING FEET OF SNOW everywhere. Not getting unloaded today severely lowers the chances of me making it home this weekend.

I dropped the trailer and drove around for a bit. I found a liquor store and scored a couple of bottles of wine; one for tonight and a backup for another time. I bought some Diet 7up while I was out, too. So far, it's the best tasting diet soda I've found. I plan to spend the rest of my day listening to music, working on mixes, and playing Carcasonne online at AsoBrain.

I'm developing a taste for Afrobeat music as of late, which is odd because I'm not typically a fan of so-called world music. Here, have some Tony Allen.