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i still love you LJ, i'm just busy enjoying life at the moment
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My apologies to everyone whose journal I am skimming-over or blatantly not reading.  Since I'm not training anyone at the moment, I have to do all the work.  On top of that, a certain dork is keeping me company and the last thing I think about after finishing a day's work is playing on Livejournal right now.  These two weeks we're spending together is a brief respite in our long distance affair to-date, and I'm taking full advantage of that opportunity to spend time with the welf.

That's not to say that things which merit journal entries haven't been occurring.  In fact, there are so many things I want to write about that have happened in the past week.  Like the time we spent at Buttermilk Falls, Geneva, and Bologne Valley last weekend. Like going to a swimmin' hole near Boston with our friend mandy_moon on Wednesday night.  Like visiting the Tatham Springs Hotel yesterday and being lazy on the porch swing.  I hope I find the time and motivation to write about all of these things in the near future. 

I hope everyone's summer is filled with as much fun and good times as you can possibly stand.  I know mine has been.

In lieu of this less than exciting journal entry, here are some more fun-time photos to tide you over.

A shoetree on the campus of Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA.  welfy trying to look like a bad-ass.

Yeah.  She's so cool.

Apparently, I'm quite the bad-ass, too.

I just like this photo.

And I really like this one, too.

Ok, I'll quit torturing you with all the welf-cuteness.  Get out from behind the computer!  Go enjoy your summer!
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I would speak glowingly about the contours, but then you may decide to hunt me down.
Don't work too hard. Have fun and enjoy every minute of your summer.

nah. the contours are worthy of glowing speak. it's what makes for such good photos, among.. um... other things ;)

I find it amusing that for most of the pictures you take of me, I don't even know you're taking them.

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