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the mother of all mush
Something occurred a couple of weeks ago which I cryptically alluded to in an entry, not long after it transpired.  I've been wanting to write the entry which follows ever since then, but haven't had the time.  So here it comes, cut for those who'd rather not read about it.  All I can say is, if you click on it - don't say I didn't warn you.  Hopefully after this entry, I can return this journal to some semblance of its former self.

Two months ago I met welfy for the very first time.  Welf and I tease each other about how this all began.  She friended me in mid-May as a result of her visit with mandy_moon in Boston, whom I had just visited a week prior.  Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I noticed a friendly interest in the form of playful livejournal comments.  I knew that she lived somewhere in Western Pennsylvania but I didn't know exactly where.  I thought it would be nice to meet her, or if nothing else, learn whereabouts she lived for future reference, as I pass through the area with some frequency.  So when I made this entry,  it was specifically designed for her benefit.  As you can see from the comment thread, only one person was interested in replying to it.  The thread ends rather abruptly, too...  as we began IM'ing each other in an effort to co-ordinate our first meeting that night.

While it's true I may have orchestrated the initial meeting to a large extent, I never anticipated anything other than meeting another new livejournal friend.  Sure, I thought Welf  was an attractive and interesting young lady, but I never imagined she would be interested in me as anything other than a livejournal.dot.friend.  The next day she wrote a Livejournal entry laced with innuendo, but I wasn't sure how much of it was directed at me.  Later, in chat, she admitted having been attracted to me that night. 


Yes ladies and gentlemen, just to set the record straight - she seduced me - and over the course of the next several days a full-fledged internets affair was begun via Livejournal and IM.  It was a scant five days later that I left this cryptic entry about our nightly, flirtatious chat conversations.  Throughout the rest of June we met a couple of more times while our interest in each other grew every day.

To be honest, I didn't expect much more than some crazy summer fling to arise out of this.  It actually was my intent as things began to heat-up - I just couldn't see how anything much deeper could evolve given various prevailing factors.  I wrestled with this internally and in the confidence of some people close to me.  I didn't want to be the cause of someone getting hurt.  I decided to throw caution to the wind and proceed - we're both big boys and girls and should be responsible for our own feelings in this, I concluded.

There were bumps in the road at the onset,  which could have easily caused this whole precarious affair to veer off-course before it had a chance to really get going.  There are certainly much larger ones on the horizon.  There is the constant physical distance between us, both geographically (300+ miles) and the realities of my vocation (on the road nearly 300 days out of the year).  There is also the considerable gap in our ages (13 years).  But these are only so many numbers.  Alone in a world of miles and days and years a heart will resist, but together hearts will conspire.  They have their own math.

Two weeks ago in a tangle of arms and legs where every breath of quiet conversations are felt as well as heard, confessions were made.  Quite unexpectedly, I have fallen in love. 

I don't know where this will go - but I do know where my heart is.  Even when my head thinks it's absofuckinglutely insane.

better look out for those quiet conversations on your vacation! ;-)

Love comes out of the dark like a fucking freight train. It also comes at a time and place we never prefer. You have the choice of being on board or being run down. Let everything go and run with it.

I have my friend. Just gonna go with it and not think about it too much. I have this tendancy to think something to death... I'm trying not to do this, this time. :)

Aaaw, that's wonderful :)

Congrats. Now you can start posting some mp3s for a change. :)

oh i still do that... just elsewhere. teri knows about it. you should join :)


Of course your head would think that anything you do is absofuckinglutely insane. ;) But, your heart, when your heart speaks, it is insane not to listen.

For a long time, I never trusted my heart. It's only in the past few years that I've begun.

Hi. I added you because 1. some of my other LJ friends have been singing your praises, 2. I really like your photographs, and 3. I think I have a picture of me and a pair of your boots (if those WERE your boots) in the shoe tree. :)

Ohhhhhhh, I'm so jealous. I assume you are referring to the shoe tree begun by Ms. Moon. Becky hasn't found the inclination to show me the tree which I helped inspire. I suppose one of these days I'll hafta kidnap her and make her take me there.

I was the source of those boots, but they weren't mine. One of my trainees left them behind in the truck so when I visited with Becky in March I donated them to the cause.

I added ya back!

i could repeat the same things you said to me at this point. going around and coming around, eh?

i just find it amusing that we're kinda going through all of this at about the same time for once.

That's so awesome.


I think so, too! Thanks. Coming from a pro of intarnet romance such as yourself, I must be do'n something right. ;-)

*insert obligatory bashful comments and dirt-kicking that can only come from a person who is being squealed over*

I'm very happy for the two of you. :) Don't sweat the differences, they have a way of working themselves out (heck, if my hubby and I could keep a relationship going when he was in the US and I was in Australia for a year, then anything's possible!). Enjoy the similarities.

Don't hold back on posting entries like this. It's great to see love displayed so honestly. :)

I can't help but hold back. I've never been terribly comfortable with having my journal be about my private life. In this case however, since Livejournal was the source of this, I guess I felt a little explanation was in order. :)

Congratulations on finding love. :)

It's funny how it kinda found me, and I wasn't even looking.

(Deleted comment)
Yes she is a sweetheart. As sweet as they come. :)

bow chicky wow wow


ugh. i knew this like, so forever ago.

Re: bow chicky wow wow

I was in a state of denial. I think everyone knew before I did. ;-)

*smiles* The good stuff in life always takes you by surprise. I'm happy for the both of you. :D

in that case, color me really surprised.

Congratulations. That is a lovely story you have there :)