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pablo picasso never got called an asshole.... not in New York
Location: Bloomsbury, NJ

Yesterday my delivery schedule was thwarted in part by a bomb threat at a Home Depot in Philadelphia.  Obviously, the terrorists hate our freedom to buy bathroom caulk.  Despite falling behind by three stops, I've managed to only be behind by one by the end of the day.  It'll be interesting to see if I can still finish this by tomorrow though.  This trip will take me way out on the tip of Long Island.  Hopefully this trip to LI will go better than the last one.

Tonight, I will be visiting with queenkatieett and "The Boyfriend" in Manhattan.  In the past few weeks she has transitioned from Buckeye, with a brief stint as a truckmate, to a New Yorker.  She better take my ass some place other than OLIVE GARDEN though.

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girls could not resist his stare.

the girls would turn the color of an avocado when he drove down the street in his el dorado

I always admire your skill to find links to other posts referencing things. Maybe because I do the same thing, and I like to think that people find it impressive and appreciate it. :^)

I've only been to Olive Garden once in my life. I wasn't impressed, but you know how I am with Italian food (not like the mono cares...Mono-Welf ate a HUGE bowl of basil and garlic angel-hair pasta tonight...yum yum!).

well, Olive Garden in of itself isn't all that bad. I've eaten there a time or two and it was "okay". but if you're living in New York City and eating at Olive Garden... that's just craziness!

I live on Long Island, the first rule is: lock everything.

I hope this trip through here will be better for ya.

& Damn right you better not be taken to an Olive Garden or TGIF's while you're in the city, that is just a low down dirty shame.

is the second rule: be nice to Mommy?

I took her to Benito II on Mulberry Street. :)

I wish I'd gotten this comment sooner. I was done for the day about 4pm and I'm always up for meeting livejournal folk. I basically drove the entire length of Long Island today - I'm parked for the night in Greenport on the north fork as I type this. What part of the island are you on?

Okay, maybe it's low down and dirty, but they shut down the Friday's by my house in Ohio a couple months before I left for NYC. If I find myself eating there, it's only because I miss it.

pablo picasso never got called an asshole

Not like you!

that is my second favorite album in the whole wide world :)

Well, it was just a figure of speech. I can't believe you all felt the need to make fun of me. BTW, I loathe "Friends" and always have, so thank you for making me cringe.

And I've never even heard the original thing you're all referring to.

by now you've already figured out what was going on, but i thought i'd add - it's not uncommon that folks around here take shots at one another, even if that wasn't the case this time, myself included... just don't take it personally if it does actually happen in the future, it's mostly for the sake of playing with language and good-natured ribbing. you're in a very drama-free zone here, it's all fun and games in soopageek-land :)

Well, thank God! I like the Ramones. I just thought hmm, NY accent/Joey, and lacking context, I feared, ew, is this a "Friends" reference? Color me relieved. I also thought I said something that was unwittingly stupid enough to be mocked. I was being a tad sensitive obviously. Sorry 'bout that.

I have never watched Friends before. I saw bits of it when channel-surfing and it always seemed so annoying.

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