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downstairs where the pews used to been
Remember last summer when I did the big entry about the dilapidated church in Chesterville, Illinois?

And then I discovered this spring that the roof had collapsed from the weight of winter snow?

I'm sad to report, it's completely gone now.

In fact, all that's left is the basement

The owner of the property was outside when I stopped to take these new photos.  He informed me that he had just had it torn down last Wednesday.  I know it would've fallen down on its own eventually anyway, but it's still sad to see it go.  It was a familiar sight on the side of the road on my many trips to Arthur.  That corner will always look so empty now.
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That reminds me of when they tore down two of my favorite restaurants I used to go to with my dad. Sure, they were falling apart...but one can't help but turn nostalgic.

Makes you wonder what happened to the church to cause it to turn into something like that. It might have had to do with a merge; we've had churches torn down when bigger churches were made and congregations combined. In fact, my church (New Bedford) is a combination of Hopewell and Deer Creek, two churches that have long since been torn down.

Sometime when you visit me in Lexington again I'll hafta take you to a pizza joint in town called Joe B's. It's an old church that was converted into a restaurant. :)

COOL! In THAT case, when you come back to Western PA, you can drive us to Pittsburgh so we can go to The Church Brew-Works...SUPER-yummy food!

Now you can't get anything you want.

And that's way more than a half a ton of garbage.

Yes, but can you do these comments with full-orchestration and five part harmony?

Come on, I've been doing it for twenty-five minutes now. And I could do it for another twenty-five minutes. I'm not proud.

"downstairs where the pews used to been"?

You really ARE from Kentucky.

it's not my grammar, it's arlo guthrie's :)

It's okay. I almost never get his weird music references, even after he plays the music for me. I'm learnin'.

Buildings like that are the reason West Virginia is my favorite state.

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no permission necessary. i'm a big ol' livejournal whore who loves having new friends. i'll add ya back.

besides, how could i pass up the opportunity to add a friend who lives in a town called weiner?

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I was being nosy and looked at your journal. Can I friend you, too? You seem fun.

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it's hard to take ugly photos of welfy. she's so purty.

weiner, meet beaver!

Oh, and I won't make fun of you for living in Weiner, Arkansas...I lived in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania for four years. :^)

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