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no time for real entries
Location: Bloomsburg, PA

My backhaul is taking me to Dorksville!  I should be able to spend a few hours visiting with a sick welf tonight if she's up for it.  As for all these photos, it's more than just adoration.  I'm really proud of these photos.  I don't typically take pictures of people and I've just been thrilled with the way some of these have turned out.  I like taking pictures and welfy likes having pictures taken of her.  It's a perfect fit.

She's so photogenic, though, it makes it too easy.

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Is that your necklace? I'm pretty sure I've seen it on you in other pictures.

Beautiful shot.

Even artless nudes would be OK...

I enjoy being your muse. :^)

i enjoy capturing your beauty :)

Because of my hidden eye or the fact that my other eye has a weird lumpy thing under it?

That picture rules. Welfy is teh hot.

Thanks. And yeah... she's mighty smokin'.

Very interesting. The green in her eyes really pops out. And the leaves in front of her just seem so sharp.

yeah, it's one of the things i like about that photo, how the leaves really make her eye color stand out...

i've heard a bit about you from erin. pleased to make your acquaintance.

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